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How To Achieve EASYSelling Success® For All CEOs and Executives! 
For many CEOs and executives, selling and sales may not be their first love. Within this 45-minute EASYSelling® training session, you will: 
• Understand how you can approach every sale with complete confidence 
• Learn how to identify the 7 Sources of your every customer 
• How to fast-track your lead generation and the secrets of securing fast-track sales growth 
• Understand the key framework and process that forms the structure of a winning sales conversation 
• And Learn Five Top Sales Closes, of which you can use immediately you leave the room to increase your selling and sales success 
Our speaker is - Alan Crouch MBA FIMI who is a locally-based entrepreneur who primarily supports SME CEOs, MDs and their teams across the UK and Internationally. His expertise has helped them to achieve unprecedented business growth success, from training and learning as CEO and Founder of the Business Growth School®, through to sales transformation consultancy through his CMP consulting business. 
Speech Patterns & Communication Styles 
What is your Communication Style and Preference? 
Have you ever heard yourself saying “Why don’t they understand what I am saying” because in your mind you are being very clear?   Well you are not alone.   We might all be speaking English but it does not mean we are speaking the same language! It may be you will find that you need differing words and different information and communication styles dependant on the personality type and learning styles you have. 
The Relationship Between People & Money!  
This event took you on a fascinating exploration of people and how they relate to money. The old saying 'the love of money is the root of all evil' may be true however we all want more of it - that's why most of us are in business; and yet, most people when asked why they run their own business answer with:- to control my own destiny; to create my own work/life balance; to choose the people I want to worth with etc. These things may be true but we also want money! So why is it people don't say so? The reasons run deep and understanding these reasons will really help you convert more 'suspects' to 'prospects' to 'new clients'. The speaker: Shaz Nawaz understands - he is an authority on what makes people tick, business strategy and business growth.  
Extra Special Speaker Event 
An audience with Rory Underwood MBE 
The Business Club teamed up with Barclays Bank plc to bring you this exceptional event. Rory's experience and insight gained through his stellar rugby career - 85 England Rugby Caps, 6 British Lion Caps plus an MBE for services to Rugby and 18 years flying experience in the RAF) has allowed him to bring a different perspective into the performances of individuals and teams in business. In addition to hearing this fascinating talk, there was an opportunity to meet up to 60 business owners and senior executives. 
The Psychology Of Selling . . . 
This was an opportunity to enhance your communication and presentation skills – to learn how to ‘influence with power and impact. 
On-Line Video = More Sales! 
There is an abundance of research evidence to demonstrate the benefits of on-line videos. They:- 
Increase sales and consumer confidence 
Over 50% of consumers say video makes them feel more confident to purchase 
On-line retailers say videos increase sales by between 6% and 30%. 
Adding a video to a website homepage increases conversion rates by up to 40% 
And 50% more likely to appear on Page 1 of Google. 
Business Experts 
Financial Soundbites 
Money is the lifeblood of your business! 
At this event you learnt how you can 
Collect your money more quickly 
Keep more of what you collect by paying less tax 
Raise money to invest in and expand your business  
The Secrets Of Success 
Jan Richardson, Owner and MD of Total Clothing will be sharing her "Secrets of Success"! Her company supplies corporates, schools, clubs and associations with printed and embroidered clothing. For the past 5 years, revenue has grown 30% a year, every year. Many different things contribute to these impressive results - but at the very heart of the success is a marketing strategy which truly focuses on customers' needs. 
Customer Service 
Don't Under Estimate The Importance of Customer Service ... 
We all want to WOW our customers – this ensures they keep coming back. Equally important your customers become ambassadors for you – they recommend and refer you to their contacts. 
Understanding Yourself - 
Finding Your Mojo, Being Your Best and Beyond . . . 
Kim Coley (Senior Environmental Consultant, personal development advocate and Managing Director of the new 'not for profit Wellbeing Centre of Peterborough') talked us through a self-awareness journey to happiness and success. Kim will be showing us how to create a better reality in work and in life!  
Photography And Social Media - With A Difference 
Photography - the first part of this evening was a practical "how to" session on using your mobile 'phone to get stunning pictures which will get noticed on your social media platforms and your website.